FATIPEC´s online Symposium

       “Paints and Coatings Visions”
     27 May 2021, 1.30 – 5.30 pm CEST


FATIPEC – Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints in European Countries ( www.fatipec.com )
– organises its online symposium !


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You will get access to the symposium based on your registration on: www.conference-fatipec.com

You join the symposium via your computer browser by clicking the link.We will send you the access link a few days before the symposium
(you will not need an MS Teams download/app/registration).

If you need more information please contact us via: info@fatipec.com


Programme of the symposium:


Presentation Title


Michael Hilt
FATIPEC President

Opening, Introduction


Stefan Govers NL

Controlled block copolymer segregation for functional coating surfaces

M. Hilt

Hossein Yahyaei  IR

The effect of castor oil on properties of carboxy methyl cellulose based edible coating

Ceren Kütahya D

New Strategies for Coatings 2020: Controlled Polymer Synthesis based in NIR Technologies




Sebastian Jurczyk  PL

Prediction of protective properties of coatings based on glass transition temperature value

Th. Brock

Anna Skripinets  UKR

Vibration absorbing epoxy-urethane products and coverings of building appointment

Denisa Steinerova  CZ

Antimicrobial, environment friendly coatings based on acrylic latexes with MeO nanoparticles




Vladimir Kurbatov  RUS

The investigation of core-shell pigments properties based on inorganic fillers and polyaniline

and Fillers

J. Warnon

Massimo Calovi IT

Cataphoretic deposition of organic coatings with functionalized graphene oxide flakes

Michael Hilt

Closing discussion



An award of 1000 € will be granted for the best presentation.



We look forward to your participation !



With kind regards,


Michael Hilt                                      Jozef Koziel                         Thomas Brock

President of FATIPEC                   General Secretary               Chairperson FATIPEC ESC



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